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Single Superduos of the Month Club

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Single Superduos of the Month™ Club

With the Single Superduos of the Month™ Club, each month you will receive 8 tubes of 2-hole Superduo beads. Each color coordinated collection comes in 12.5 grams per tube for the Single Collection. 


With your Single Superduos of the Month™ Club you will also receive a code every month that provides you access to our FREE pattern page! Codes are valid until the last day of each month, then new codes are sent out with the next shipment for the next month's FREE patterns.

By ordering this product, you are authorizing Beads of the Month Clubs to charge this amount, plus shipping, to your credit card or debit card each month until you cancel.


*Plastic storage box pictured sold separately.


*NEW* Now including Superduo Duets! Due to the dramatic price difference of the Duets compared to the regular Superduos we have decided to ship them in 10gm tubes for the Single Club (as opposed to the regular Superduos which will still come in 12.5 gm tubes) This allows us to include these amazing new beads in the Club without having to raise the Club price. So when you receive any Superduo Duets in your Clubs they will be at a 10gm quantity while the other colors will be 12.5 gms.


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