Double Gemstone Beads of the Month Club



With the Double Gemstone Beads of the Month® Club, each month you will receive a set of 4-7 tubes (depending on the gemstone type) of matching beads and pendants of a particular gemstone. Each month a different gemstone type will be featured in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will receive the same types of stones as in the Single Club, only twice as many of each type.

When you order a Double Collection, you gain additional savings!

Examples of Gemstones you can expect to see in this Club: Quartz, Jasper, Amber, Onyx, Azurite, Amethyst, Sodalite, Lava, Labradorite, Goldstone, Lapis, Hematite, Jade, Turquoise, and many MANY more!

With your Double Stone Beads of the Month® Club you will also receive a code every month that provides you access to our FREE pattern page! Codes are valid until the last day of each month, then new codes are sent out with the next shipment for the next month’s FREE patterns.

By ordering this product, you are authorizing Beads of the Month® Clubs to charge this amount, plus shipping, to your credit card or debit card each month until you cancel.


Check out this list of videos of unboxings of our past collections to see what you can expect from this subscription! *This is just a sampling of the unboxing videos you can find for our subscriptions, so feel free to look around and see what everyone is saying about us!

Double Gemstone Beads of the Month Club (Amethyst) – unboxing by Space Pickle Designs

Double Gemstone Beads of the Month Club (Rose Quartz) – unboxing by Orchid and Opal

Double Gemstone Beads of the Month Club (Yellow Turquoise Jasper) – unboxing by Happy Unboxing in NYC

Double Gemstone Beads of the Month Club (Lapis Lazuli) – unboxing by Wendy Whitman

Double Gemstone Beads of the Month Club (Apatite) – unboxing by BellaRayne


*Some of these review videos were made by our request and some are completely unaffiliated with us, but all reviews are their own thoughts and opinions!

**Since our program has been around for so many years, there may be items or promotions discussed in these videos that no longer are offered. Please refer to current subscription pages for up-to-date information.